Super B Andrena 12V10AH

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Super B Andrena 12V10AH

Lightweight, high-performance, safe and reliable lithium power battery, especially developed for motorsports. This battery equals a lead-acid battery of 20 to 32Ah, provided the alternator’s maximum current doesn’t exceed the battery’s maximum charge current of 37A. Designed in a standard rally casing. Suitable for 12V systems and for use in extreme environments.

Common Applications • A1GP
• Caterhams
• Sports 2000 Duratec
• FF1600
• FF2000
• FF Zetec
• FF Duratec
• F Jedi
• F Masters
• F Renault
• F Vee
• Lotus Elise Challenge
• Westfield

Other race cars w/o alternator up to 1600cc
Other race cars with alternator up to 2000cc
Weight 1.7kg
Ingress Protection (IP Rating) IP69
Capacity 10Ah
Small volume 120 x 80 145mm
Fast Charging Less than one hour
Operating Conditions
Operating Voltage 13.2V
Continuous Discharge 160A
Pulse Discharge 493A
Charge Current 37A

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