Super B Battery Interface Box

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The Battery Interface Box (BIB) is a device capable to connect and disconnect a battery or a battery bank to a load / charger (DC bus) with the intent to protect the Li-ion battery or battery bank against improper use. The BIB communicates with the battery’s BMS (Battery management system) to request to the batteries if they are operable and used within their limits. The BIB is available in various variants: 12V350A, 24V350A, 48V350A, 12V600A, 24V600A and 48V600A.

The BIB is primarily used with the Nomada batteries.

Battery Interface Box (BIB) Specs
Dimensions 180 x 254 x 111 mm / 7.08” x 10” x 4.37”
Case Material PC
Ingress Protection (IP Rating) IP 54
Certifications CE
Supply Voltage 7.5 V - 16 V (SB BIB LV12V350-600A) | 7.5 V - 32 V (SB BIB LV24V350A-600A) | 15 V - 64 V (SB BIB LV48V350A-600A)
Rated Current 350A or 600A
Precharge Resister Value 1 ohm (SB BIB LV12V350-600A) | 4 ohm (SB BIB LV24V350A-600A) | 16 ohm (SB BIB LV48V350A-600A)
Voltage Difference Across Main Relay to Turn on 1.25 V (SB BIB LV12V350-600A) | 2.5 V (SB BIB LV24V350A-600A) | 5 V (SB BIB LV48V350A-600A)
Consumption in Off-State 100 mA
Consumption on Standby 330 mA (SB BIB LV12V350) | 197 mA (SB BIB LV24V350A) | 142 mA (SB BIB LV48V350A) | 740 mA (SB BIB LV12V600A) | 420 mA (SB BIB LV24V600A) | 260 mA (SB BIB LV48V600A)

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