About Us

Racetech Manufacturing Ltd is an official Australasian distributor of Super B Lithium Batteries

Racetech Manufacturing Ltd has been importing Super B Lithium Batteries since 2011. Our staff have extensive knowledge of lithium batteries; we can tailor options to suit your requirements.

Racetech Manufacturing Ltd was formed in 1992 and has grown to become a world-leading race seat manufacturer. We supply seats to the likes of Porsche, Aston Martin, McLaren, and Australian V8 Supercar teams to name a few. Complementing our seat manufacturing business, we have a dedicated motorsport parts shop where we stock leading brands of performance related products, including Super B.

In 2011, we imported the first Super B starter batteries to serve the New Zealand motorsport market offering a lightweight, robust, performance driven Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) starter battery. Super B batteries are innovative and class-leading, a testament to their Dutch design and quality.

In 2020 we were chosen by Super B to be their Australasian distributor and we began importing the Super B energy battery  range. Utilising the same LiFePO4 chemistry found in starter batteries, Super B patented a method of welding the lithium cells together to create minimal heat generation and maximum efficiency. This ground-breaking advance resulted in higher discharge rates, greater usable capacity with a higher depth of discharge, and increased safety over other options.

We have featured alongside Super B in the past on numerous occasions - both making innovative products to complement the world’s best racing cars. Super B Lithium Batteries have featured in Le Mans winning cars like the 2017 Aston Martin Vantage GTE which was also fitted with a Racetech seat. Racetech and Super B both know what it’s like to be on the forefront of development in their respective fields and this makes the partnership between the two companies even more credible.

Whether you’re after one or one hundred batteries, we work closely with Super B to make sure you’re getting the best service and product possible.