Lithium Conversion Package - 90Ah

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Super B Epsilon 90Ah Manual.pdf 3.3MB Download
Super B Epsilon 90Ah Datasheet.pdf 1.33MB Download
Super B Charging Manual.pdf 860.51KB Download
Super B Touch Display Manual.pdf 823.11KB Download
Victron MultiPlus 2000 Datasheet.pdf 3.8MB Download
Victron MultiPlus Compact Manual.pdf 1.73MB Download
WhisperPower 12V50A Duo Manual.pdf 8.18MB Download
WhisperPower 12V50A Duo Datasheet.pdf 663.58KB Download
330W Solar Panel Datasheet.pdf 1.91MB Download

Introducing our entry-level Lithium conversion package for your motorhome, caravan or RV!

Using only the highest-quality components, this package is sure to exceed your expectations and will set you up for an experience of endless performance!

Super B’s Epsilon 12V 90Ah packs a punch for it’s size. Weighing just 12.5kg, the 90Ah of Lithium capacity is completely usable thanks to Super B’s intelligent and proprietary circuits and software. The Epsilon 90Ah has an integrated BMS and built in Bluetooth so you can access what the battery is doing from your smartphone.

The Epsilon 90Ah is rated 5000 cycles at 100% DoD, giving users years of unparalleled performance. The Epsilon 90Ah is cable of powering those higher loads, with a continuous discharge current of 200A, and a peak of 350A for 10 seconds. Charging can be done up to 1C or 200A. Users are also able to add an additional Epsilon 90Ah in parallel to increase capacity to 180Ah. All that is needed is an RJ45 UTP cable to allow the BMS module in each battery to communicate, and appropriate cabling to handle charging and discharging.

This package consists of:

  • 1x Super B Epsilon 90Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
  • 1x Victron Energy MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger 2000
  • 1x WhisperPower Suntrack Duo MPPT/DCDC Charger Combined
  • 1x 330W Solar Panel with MC4 Connectors, and 8 ‘Z’ style mounting brackets
  • 1x Super B Touch Display
  • 1x Set MC4 Connectors
  • 10m x Red 6mm2 PV Solar Cable
  • 10m x Black 6mm2 PV Solar Cable
  • 4x M6 6mm2 EyeTerminals
  • 2x M8 6mm2 Eye Terminals
  • 1x 32A Twin Pole Circuit Breaker
  • 1m x Black 10mm Heat Shrink
  • 2x Blade Fuse Holders
  • 2x 30A Blade Fuses
  • 2x 20A Blade Fuses


We recommend the installation be completed by a qualified professional as electrical components can be dangerous.

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